Michael, professional auctioneer

I haven’t smiled with my lips open in 25 years. I couldn’t chew my food well, I had indigestion. I had all kinds of problems, not to mention cosmetic issues. I was always trying to hide my teeth. Now I want to show the world.

I investigated my options very thoroughly. Now it is very clear to me I made the right decision.

What was I waiting for? Now I have great white teeth. And I didn’t need a single painkiller. I was never in any discomfort. I am so excited about it. It’s not one thing I am most excited about. It’s a whole bunch of things.

I can smile! I don’t have to be inhibited. I am professional auctioneer. It is going to be much easier for me to call bids now that I can show my teeth.

I have been transformed. I feel like a different person. I walk by a mirror and I say, “Who is that?”