Types of Dentures

Submitted by editor on Fri, 2013-05-31 09:19

Dentures are removable substitutes for missing teeth and the surrounding tissues. There are basically two types of dentures: 1. Partial Dentures 2. Complete Dentures 
Partial Dentures
These are dentures that are used when some teeth are lost but there are still a number of natural teeth remaining. When there is a tooth missing, the natural teeth shift from their original position to try and fill in the empty space. Partial dentures fill in the gaps that are created by the missing teeth.

Getting New Dentures- What to Expect During the Process

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The entire denture development process, from the time you and your dentist make the decision that dentures are right for you to the delivery and placement of your new denture may take anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks. During that time you will have several visits with your dentist for measurements and fittings to ensure that when you finally get your dentures, they fit and look as best they can.

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